We supply many different types of carpet. For example wool, natural, man made fibres, stripes, saxony , stainfree, 80/20 twists, just to name a few.

Carpets are made from both natural and man-made fibres. Usually there is a top layer of fibres, the part that you walk on, and a base layer, which holds the fibres in place. The backing is made from Hessian or Jute/Action back, and some carpets come with a felt backing which acts as underlay.

Wool carpets are natural, of course, but usually come in Twist pile or Loop pile known as Berber. The wool is dyed to create a wide range of colours.
Man-made fibre carpets are available and offer a longer life than natural fibres because they can be made to withstand wear and tear better.

Carpet underlays add comfort and durability to your carpet. We only sell quality carpet underlay which will make your carpet feel luxurious underfoot, last longer and improve heat and sound insulation.